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Callum James

“Callum is an Englishman with a Scottish name who was brought up on the Welsh border and currently lives in Ireland (very multi-cultured). He works as a barman, he is a part-time alcoholic and full-time adventure dreamer. Callum travels as much as his money allows him to, travelling all over Europe, India and Vietnam. Callum enjoys setting himself endurance-based challenges, cycling through countries, walking through the mountains and enjoying meeting new people”

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Janire Denny-Arzalluz

“Janire is a free spirit, passionate about travel and adventure and wannabe #Vanlifer! Being half Basque and half Scottish, she caught the travel bug from her mama at a young age. Janire hopes to buy a van soon to convert to a camper, with the dream being to make this a full-time lifestyle. Janire loves to keep active with hiking, kayaking and mountain biking some of her favourite pastimes. She is also a keen yogi.”

Hi! I’m Janire (pronounced jan-ear-ray it’s a Basque name). I work full time with vulnerable children. I have always wanted to make a positive difference to the lives of children and find this work fulfilling and rewarding. The children I work with inspire me every day with their strength and resilience. They make me want to make the world a better place and this has always felt to be my soul’s calling and purpose in life. My other passion in life is travel, exploration and adventure. I love nature, being in the wild and feel happiest when up a mountain, in a forest or by the sea.

I am mama to a 10-year-old explorer who is main photographer and co-writer to most of my posts. I also have a white Husky called Ghost who will feature greatly in my posts as he always comes with us on our adventures, and probably enjoys them the most!

I have travelled to 32 countries so far, with many more on the bucket list. Most of my trips have been road trips or inter-railing whilst camping or staying in hostels. I prefer to see countries as natives would experience them and like to learn about other cultures and meet local people. I have recently started blogging and get a buzz from writing about places I am passionate about. I hope you enjoy my blogs and feel inspired to travel.

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Imanol Denny-Arzalluz

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