What is a Tentbox lite really like and is it worth buying one?

At the start of lockdown no.1, during some local walks, I saw a Land Rover with a tent on its roof and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! Whoever owned it, had it open whilst parked on the drive and it looked like they were using it on a daily basis (probably to get away from family when cabin fever started setting in- something I have often considered myself since getting one!) I didn’t know anything about roof top tents at the time and never in a million years thought I would ever end up getting one. I imagined them as safari style vehicles that people out in the wilderness of Australia, America or Africa might use. Fast forward 12 months and I am now a proud owner and ambassador for Tentbox.

Earlier this year I read an article about rooftop tents online and did a bit of research before coming across the Tentbox brand. I thought about buying one for a good while, considering all my options. I have been saving for a LONG time to buy a van to convert into a camper (a lifelong dream I haven’t yet managed to make real). I love to travel, love adventures and love camping and the nomadic lifestyle offered by #vanlife. I figured a Tentbox could help me towards this dream, giving me the essence of a van and freedom to roam anywhere, at a much cheaper cost than actually getting a van. Tentbox fits on any size car, it works perfectly on my Audi A3, and when I do eventually get my van, I can just stick it on the top of that, with no need to pay to have a pop top and risk the van leaking (something many pop top owners complain about!) I read that lots of people already used roof top tents in the UK and so I took a leap of faith and decided to buy a Tentbox Lite.

I was so excited when my Tentbox arrived!! It was much bigger and heavier than I had anticipated. I had to have help to put it on the roof bars on my car as its bulky and too heavy for me to do it alone. Bolting it on was a faff especially when you’re crap with tools… lefty loosey, right tighty for anyone that doesn’t know (like me!) Once on though it’s super easy to open up and I can do that all by myself. YAY! Go me! You simply unstrap it and pull it open using the ladder, it takes all of 30 seconds!

My son and I gave it a test run on the drive that same night as I was so excited (probably more so than him). I felt like a kid at Christmas and the tent felt like a treehouse, albeit it was Easter and it’s more a carhouse. We took some easter eggs for midnight snacks as well as the laptop and watched Castaway on Netflix before going to sleep. It was so much fun! The tent itself is HUGE! There was easily space for another person. We had loads of extra space at our head and feet too, enough for some doggos! So i’ll defo be taking my husky Ghost on some adventures in it too! It has a built-in memory foam mattress which is sturdy but really comfortable. It’s the width of a king size bed but about a foot longer. I use a large blanket as a mattress protector for it as I don’t want to ruin the mattress. It got quite windy during the night but the tent was solid and secure (no wobbling or rocking) and I felt completely safe in it. Getting in and out was fine too. Just make sure you have a head torch or kit the inside with some solar powered fairy lights!

The rest is history! I’ve only had my Tentbox a couple of weeks and have since been on hiking weekend adventures to Wales and the Peak District, blogs for which will be coming shortly. I have lots of adventures planned, some wild camping trips locally in Shropshire/Wales and a full on road trip to Cornwall in the May half term with my mum and son. Any recommendations on where to stay or places to visit much appreciated.

As I mentioned earlier, I have loved my Tentbox so much that I have become an ambassador for the brand. So if you’re interested in getting one, have any questions about it or would like to come and see how it works, message me on Instagram or over Facebook. And if you do buy one use coupon code: RayOfSun for a cosy freebie worth £95!!

Click here to check out the range of Tentboxes available.

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