The Travel Cult Introduction

I am very excited to introduce to you all The Travel Cult.

The Travel Cult is a brand new virtual travel website. This project will give users a new way to learn and discover the world. The website will provide 360-degree tours telling stories, history and sharing culture. The Travel Cult website will be starting with a virtual tour in the city of Dublin. 

The site is currently a beta version, (in other words, it’s half-finished). I have lots of ideas of where the website is going, and I’m at the right stage for people to look at what I have done and help me by giving feedback. Feedback will help me see what works effectively and what doesn’t and when released on the 6th of November, I would love to hear what you think! Over the next couple of months, I would be looking at putting new features into the site, including:

  • Audio
  • Links to nearby points of interest
  • History timelines
  • Historic photos
  • Navigational city maps
  • City photo tours
  • Interactive map of 360 tours of sites, towns and cities of Ireland

I would love to build on this and push this to become a go-to guide for cities and countries, but this is also a platform for me to try other exciting projects within travel that are in the pipeline. I am very excited to get this project going, and I hope you all will enjoy the virtual tour as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Please visit the site tomorrow (the 6th of November 2020), and I would love to hear your opinions and feedback.

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